Thanks for giving a twhirl! We'll grab the account profile photo images of your followers, following, or both lists and mash-up a superiffic mosaic background image. In fact, we'll auto-install it for you on your Twitter account too!

You'll have a chance to help spread the word with our neat-o logo on your Tweepback mosaic design (or choose from a couple of other fantastic fanatic logos) or simply hand over 2 buckeroos via PayPal and we'll make that logo disappear altogether.


Join the masses! So far, 334 custom mosaic backgrounds have been e-chiseled together!!! (hey, go easy on us, we're in beta!ha!) To get started and generate a preview of your own Tweepback mosaic background, log into your Twitter account to authorize's little elves to start working. We'll send you to a log-in page on Twitter and it will send you back here. That way we never know your password and you can sleep deeply tonight smiling away with your shiny new Tweepback mosaic design installed for the world to see.

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p.s. Please be patient with some of the steps, are Tweepback army of little guys are working as hard as they can to churn out the beautiful mosaic, but good work takes time sometimes! ;-) READ: Don't keep clicking on the "NEXT" links over and over again unless you want to increase your wait and frustration both in one step!